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 10 Golden Investment Rules

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PostSubject: 10 Golden Investment Rules   Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:00 am

Hello i found this very useful rules and want to share with all investors


Don't invest more than you can lose: This is by far the most important rule. If you can't abide by this rule then you are destined for failure. If you are going to risk next months mortgage payment to try and make a few extra bucks then you are breaking this rule. It will be significantly harder to take the loss if you couldn't afford it in the first place. Be smart!


Do your due diligence: Research the heck out of the program you are looking at. Find as much information as you can on it and then try to find more. Start with a WHOIS search and see when the domain was registered and when it is set to expire. There are many good forums that current members frequent and they post lots of valuable information. Be smart and look into who you are giving your money too.


Don't compound: Never compound until you have all of your capital back. Once you have it all back where it came from then you can take all of the risks you want as you really have nothing on the line at this point. Wait the 15 to 20 weeks it usually takes to get your capital back before you consider doing this. All scamming admins are banking on you compounding rather than withdrawing right away.


Program Security: Always look to see what type of security measures a program has in place. Personally, I like to see that they are hosted on a dedicated server, protected against DDOS attacks and have SSL encryption. If they don't have 2 out of these 3 features then I wouldn't even consider them.


Password Protection: Never ever give your password out to anybody and protect it at all costs. Ensure your password is very difficult to guess and make sure it has numbers and letters in it. Make sure to change it often as well. This is the easiest way to have your accounts emptied.


System Protection: Always have an anti virus program on your pc. You are traveling into very infected waters where people are trying to steal your info. Run system scans frequently and try not to type passwords directly into websites. I use a program called Roboform which stores all of my passwords and use a program called KeyScrambler to protect against keyloggers. I use a program called malwarebytes that checks for any suspicious activity on my pc. It is a free program. Also, clear your cookies frequently as well. I use a program called CCleaner and it is free as well. I highly recommend adding all of these programs as a bare minimum.


Weekly Withdrawals: Try to make it a rule to have access to your earnings at least once a week. I invest in very few programs that have longer terms than this. The sooner you can withdraw it, the quicker you will have all of your seed money back. I am not saying you can't add one or two programs that pay out in 20 or 30 day terms but don't make them a high percentage of your portfolio. You need to have access to your earnings as quick as possible.


Principal Return: I don't like to invest in programs that don't return my principal at some point. It's nice to have the option of requesting it back at the end of your investment term if you so choose. You may not like the direction that the program is going in and just want to get out on a gut instinct. Maybe you have found a program you like better. It's nice to have options.


Stay away from high returns: Any program that pays more than 2% per day raises questions in my eyes. When you see programs that are offering 200% and 300% on your money, you shouldn't even look at them. They are pure ponzi schemes and deep down you already know this. They are pure games and work on a first in, first out basis. Most people will lose in these so why even take the chance? Be smart and just try for the 1% to 2% per day programs.


Check Payment Monitors before investing: Before you take the plunge and invest, try to find 10 to 15 monitors that follow the program you are about to enter. They are a good source of information to see if any problems have arisen with regards to payments recently. You can usually track them back for a few months to see if anybody is crying scam or if they have had problems with payments as of late.

If you follow these very important rules as a guideline then you will be well on your way to successful online investing. Be smart and don't get caught up with the greed that shows its ugly face so often in this field. Set your rules and stick to them. If a program doesn't pass your test, then find one that does. There are many of them out there but only a select few should fit all of your criteria.
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10 Golden Investment Rules
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