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 General Rules & Warning System

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PostSubject: General Rules & Warning System   Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:37 am

1.General Rules:
- No Profanity (Insults, Cursing, etc..)
- Respect Other Members And Staff
- No Spamming, no posting only smiles, lol etc...
- Multiple accounts(Same IP range) will result in termination of all the accounts involved
- Permanently banned members may not continue on the forum or re-register again.
- Do Not Post Adult Or Illegal Material
- Support your comment with reasons, or it will regard as spamming.
- Discuss only one program in each thread (Not applicable for Spamming Section)
- Plagiarise (copy and paste) other posts is not allowed.
- Only English can be used( Excpet in International forum)
- Please make sure your information is real, rumours or false info are not allowed.
- Off Topic, nonsense or meaingless posts will be regarded as spamming.

DO NOT Announce programs that have already been announced.
DO NOT Announce programs before the program's website is able to accept sign-ups from potential members.
DO NOT Place referral links in topic titles or descriptions.
The URL of the program must be posted at the bottom of the new thread you create. This can include 1 referral URLs or links for the first poster ONLY.
DO NOT make continuous posts, you will be warn or banned.
SHORT posts will be deleted without advice.

2. Personal Messaging
No spamming advertisements.
You cannot ask someone to join a program unless he asked you to invite him.
No nonsense messages.

Warning System explanation:

Two Warning Levels: 5 warnings = 1 Level warning

You will be banned for 30 days if you reach the 1 level warning (5 warnings)
You will be permanently banned if you get the 2 level warning (+ 5 warnings) Total warnings: 10.

NOTE: For fake voters, people who post fake payment proofs, destroying the orders of the forum, disregard of the rules after continous warnings or bannings, will be permanently banned without further warnings.

Disclaimers: Hyipscommunity have the rights to alter the rules at anytime. We will give out notice after changes are made.

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General Rules & Warning System
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